Wednesday, 12 July 2017

North Cave and Kiplingcotes

Chris picked me up at 8am and we set off for a location near Leeds in the hope of seeing terns. Due to a change in the road layout we struggled to find our site and then discovered that the terns had left!
So we set off east and stopped at North Cave for a quick look and to check the pager.
It was very quiet bird wise at the reserve and the black headed gulls were not making their usual racket now that their chicks were almost fully grown. Our bad luck continued as we just missed seeing a bittern. However we saw lots of butterflies and dragonflies, a bit of good luck.

We spent a lot of time taking these photos and walking around the reserve, so we decided to go to Kiplingcotes and look for more butterflies.
 These are some of the pictures I took

 We met two ladies who were looking for twayblade

When we found one Chris did his public information duty and showed them where it was.
We then headed for Beverley Racecourse where we tried to look for more butterflies but our good luck had run out again. Still it was a very good day, thanks to Chris for doing the driving.

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